Customer Reviews for Google Maps Scraper

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Aggregate Rating: 4.86 out of 5 with 338 ratings

javier nahon

It is an excellent tool, it has been very helpful to generate leads in my field. I also want to highlight the predisposition of the BOTSOL team, since there was a particular case that I could not download and they helped me by downloading it for me and without charging me, they understood my need and helped me in less than 15 minutes. Thank you Bosol!

Plazarte Plazarte

Increíble el servicio de soporte. Cometí un error en la compra y me lo solucionaron en el mismo día.

Uzair Anas

This app is great but if it can extract fast then It will be good but otherwise, it is a very great app.

Joanna Reichert

I've been searching for 3 days for a scraping method for Google Maps for business prospecting. I couldn't seek management approval for a paid version, and don't know enough to code my own bots. I came across BotSol and was hesitant because I'd not heard of them before and you have to be careful when downloading programs. I installed the Free Version, ran it and am very happy with the results (though I wish Free gave you the phone number too!) This is PRECISELY what I was looking for, requires minimal steps and clicks, and gives me the data in an easily transferable .CSV format. Frankly, it's great and the best map scraper I've found so far, especially the functionality you get for free! Highly recommend!

Andreas Macke

normal gut-aber die neue version läuft nicht


I liked aplication

Paul Brindley

Love everything about this tool, but please don't tell my competitors!

Tamás Szilvásy

Oh man, this app is cool. You can get what you want 10x faster then doing it by hand. Thank you for the app.

joe Reichsfeld

I've been scraping data for almost 2 decades. I have my own systems for going very deep but use Botsol as the preliminary scrape to decide whether it is worth going deep onto the actual product pages to get all of the information. It is quick and very easy to use. It requires zero setup. In the end, it saves me time which equals money. It is very easy to use with no coding required. Point and click, or plug and play, it is that easy.

Randi Kofman

I have used all of the crawlers from BotSol and I think this is one of the best platforms on the market for RPA. I particularly love the Google Maps Crawler with file input because it is an enormous time-saver and permits very detailed keyword and location searches. Better and cheaper than a paid intern, this product does the grunt work for me (fast, detailed lists), thereby freeing me up to do the higher-value analysis and market insight work that my clients really need from me.